Separera 30

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Positioning Separera 30

The Separera is a more simple toilet where urine and stool are separated from the beginning.  The front part is for urine.  The urine goes directly outside the toilet, and is stored in a tank or in the ground.  So the capacity for urine is unlimited.  It requires no or less electricity, so it is an alternative where no or few electricity is available.  The main box with humus is cleared more regularly than a Biolet toilet.


If this toilet is at the best for non-permanent use. It can support 1 to 3 people for daily use (urine : unlimited). 


It fits in most toilet rooms and is more compact than the Biolet toilets. Dimensions:

  • Space needed in the toilet: 40 cm x 90 cm
  • Size of the toilet: 40 cm (width),  68 cm  (depth), 60 cm (height)

Technical characteristics

  • Electric Power consumption :
    • normal  fan with electricity : 16 watt per hour (fan is important in order to avoid odour and have maximum comfort)
    • limited 12 V fan : 4 watt per hour
    • no fan : 0 watt per hour
  • 2 years of warranty
  • includes a complete starter kit

 How does the Separera toilet open and close ?



How to install and use the toilet

 Use and installation options of the Separera 30 :

User and installation manual Separera 30