Biolet 65ai -  Second hand unique opportunity (September 29, 2019)

Biolet 65ai - Second hand unique opportunity (September 29, 2019)

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Second hand

Published on September 29, 2019 : Biolet 65ai, nearly new model used in our house during one year.   Toilet is in perfect condition, is only replaced as we introduce another toilet model  for demonstration purposes. 

Warranty 1 year.  Contains a new and complete installation kit with all standard pipes and the humus starter.


This toilet delivers high performance and comfort and high capacity.  Because of the large capacity, it can also be economic in use as thermostat can be put lower.  The high capacity also allows to absorb peaks.


If this toilet is the only toilet in your permanent residence, then it can easily support 3 to 4 people for daily use.  During short peak times (e.g. 1 day) up to 6 people.  If you need a toilet for permanent use for 5 to 8 people, you need 2 toilets.


It fits in most toilet rooms.  The toilet is a bit wider than the other Biolet models.

  • Space needed in the toilet: 65 x 135 cm
  • Size of the toilet: 65 cm (width),  81 cm  (depth), 66 cm (height)

Technical characteristics

  • Electric Power consumption : average of 65 watt per hour
  • Automatic detections : make basket empty, too much liquid
  • Mixing after using the toilet : automatic
  • Number of heaters : 2
  • Number of mixing elements : 3
  • 2 years of warranty
  • includes a complete starter kit

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