Financial Benefits

Saving water due to a Waterless Composting Toilet.

A family of 3 persons per year uses 30 m3 to 40 m3 of water for the toilet.

The toilet uses about 40 % of the water.  The water saving in 15 years is 600.000 liters.  The financial saving is around € 2200.


Savings on Maintenance

Cleaning septic tank: if at 15 years 5 purifications are made to 125 € per cleaning, the cost is 625 €

Unblocking: Average use of unblockers, technical intervention for repair or unblocking: minimum 200 € per 15 years

Total profits 15 years: € 2,925. (At 40 m3 of water: the profit amounts to 3000 euro.)

Electricity Cost over 15 years: 1.900 €.

Net profit: € 1.025.

In the longer term, water is a scarce and precious commodity. The likelihood that prices or environmental requirements will further increase is significant.

Avoid maintenance on sewer, composting toilets do not need it

Extra Benefits when Building a New House

When building a new house you could consider to foresee no infrastructure for a water-based toilet.

This allows to avoid many investments:

  • Water pipes to the toilets
  • Septic tank and overflow into the sewer

Extra Benefits in Existing Buildings

  • If you have no access to water in the part of the building where you want to put the toilet, costs are high for making water available
  • The proper functioning the septic tank and the overflow of the sewer must be OK and compliant with modern regulations. 

Living in a Nature Protected Area ?

You cannot install a septic tank.  You will have to provide your own water cleaning system.  By installing a composting toilet, 40 % of the normal water use is avoided and does not have to be cleaned.  The remaining 60 % is easier to clean (e.g. by using ecological washing products).

Reed cleaning the water.