Electricity Biolet use

Which models need Electricity ?

Most of the models need electricity.

The separation toilet Separera does has a variant without electricity and one with a very limited electricity consumption.

Biolet Electrics

To automatically for optimum performance and comfort of care, the Biolet is using electricity. This is done so efficiently deployed according to needs.

The following items are in this:

- 2 heating units, including 1 below the composting chamber. This works only when needed. Is the ambient temperature 18 ° and the effective use of the toilet is consistent with the normal number of people anticipated, then heating is limited. Composting generates heat itself. If the temperature is lower or more people use the toilet, then more heating is required. The temperature is automatically measured by a temperature sensor.

- The mixer motor is used only 1 minute after toilet use. This will ensure that the content is crushed and aerated. During the turning a small part of the contents can fall in the bottom.

- The  fan provides optimum air circulation, which is particularly important for the composting. 

How much electricity? (Biolet models)

In normal operation (temperature 18 ° and the anticipated number of people is not exceeded) than is the average use per hour is between 50 and 65 watts.

50 till 65 watts consumption per hour is so much lower than the peak power of the components.

The elements are:

  • Heating: peak is 305 watt (when thermostat is on maximum of 10, this is in general not needed)
  • Mixer motor: 25 watts (used only one minute after using the toilet)
  • Fan: 25 watts (working al the time).  Is 16 watt for the Separera mixing toilet models.

How much electricity? (Separera models)

  • normal Separera model : 16 watt per hour.
  • special model with 12 V fan : 4 watt per hour
  • non electricity : 0 watt