Guaranteed purity

The automatic operation of the Biolet with the mixer motor control, temperature control and air circulation ensures a continuously optimal functioning compost. So the best possible bacteriological purity is achieved.

Examples of certificates

Biolet got certificates for eco-toilets in most severe and renown control organisms in the world. These include:

  • The Norwegian government, a test was conducted with the largest Biolet model. The test was conducted for the Department of Physics, consumer and social affairs by an independent university. It is without doubt the most comprehensive and stringent testing in the world.
  • In the United States (NSF, National Sanitation Foundation), the first certification was achieved in 1991 already.

Norwegian Certificate Details

Tests were conducted both in laboratory and in normal use. They test both the product and the environment.

 Quantities and period:

During the test, 51 kg of faeces, urine, 336 litre and 60 toilet rolls processed. After the test was only 12 litre compost left. The test was performed both in the normal circumstances of a house in continuous use for 8 weeks (inside temperature 18 degrees) and use in a

The following elements were tested:

- Strength of the outer walls

- Leak-free

- Reliability of Forced and electrical components

- Odour

- Maintenance: hygienic and easy

- Capacity: minimum the equivalent of 4 people, and during peak 8 people

- The compost (the final) was examined. Bacteria, pH, nitrogen, fragrance and structure were fully compliant with the standards and can therefore safely be used.

Details and description of the certificates

- Norwegian Government Ecolabel Biolet Composting Toilet: 

- NSF, National Sanitation Foundation, USA Composting Toilet: